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Hi, this is Pew

Knitting and crocheting are my passion. Besides listening to music and reading, these are the things I love to spend my leisure time with.

I learnt knitting when I was a child from my mother. Crochet came much later. My mother used to knit a lot, as she was from a winter dominating state of India, and also had some European influences. I used to gaze wide-eyed at how a ball of wool disappearing through her hands transformed itself into a beautiful sweater, scarf or socks. One day she noticed my interest and started to teach me. I remember once she casted on five stitches and asked me to knit straight. Several hours later I ended up with twenty odd stitches, so it was never straight but a complicated geometrical figure! My mother's knitting needles were too big for me to handle, so sometimes I used twigs to knit.

After so many years, I have held on to my passion and strive to keep learning from various publications and designers who are authorities in these fields. I am indebted to all of them.
For me, our new venture is entirely dedicated to my mother, my Maa, Mrs. Anjana Mitra.

I also want to thank my husband Subhajit for always being by my side in every possible way. I want to thank my daughters Sreya and Sreeta, who always encouraged me by trying to 'trick' me into presenting all my knitted products to them. Last but not the least, I want to thank my dear friend Saheb, who has been a great influence in encouraging me to proceed with this new venture.
Now let me introduce to you my friend, philosopher and guide, and one of the very few who listens to me intently-- Chandana. I came to know her after my marriage, and from there onwards we have been friends, and moreover she has been a big sister to me. Few months back when she retired as a senior teacher, I shared my brainwave with her, and she agreed saying 'LET US DO IT’!

I am Chandana

After 32 years of teaching, the day of retirement came, and with it came the much-awaited leisure. From the busy world of chalk, duster and blackboard, my mind flashed back to my nostalgic childhood days when I used to play with knitting needles, wool, embroidery and crochet. At this opportune moment, Pew asked me to join a new endeavour. With encouragement from my husband, Anjan and son, Riju, I have picked up my childhood playthings, and once again I am immersing myself into creating works of art with the skeins.

Our thanks go to the following for their invaluable advice and support and who worked tirelessly with us to develop a..skein'

Soumyajit, X-Linked Lethal & many others

AND HERE WE ARE with 'a..skein'